Wednesday, June 4, 2014

GroVia: The Best Cloth Has To Offer

Good morning! 

About a week ago, my friend Rachel was telling our Mom's group how if you write companies and tell them you like their product, a lot of times they'll send you samples and freebies. I immediately accepted this challenge, because it's a great idea anyway. It got my brain thinking about what products I love and why. Two products immediately came to mind: the Yummi Pouch and GroVia cloth diapers. 

You see, cloth diapering has been quite the adventure for us. There has been a lot to learn. I bought most of our diapers used except for the last three: two Glowbug Diapers and a GroVia that I most definitely splurged on. The GroVia All-in-Two Hybrid was our very last diaper to arrive. Save the best for last right? Because we absolutely love it! 

The bicycle print is absolutely adorable! But it's so much more than just the print that I love. 

The inside is a mesh material. It is so soft and airy! And at GroVia they use only organic, sustainably produced materials. See that snap? That's where you can snap in an organic cotton soaker pad, or one of their disposable soaker pads. Hence, why it's called a "hybrid." 

I received this diaper and I could kick myself for buying anything other than GroVia. Our other diapers all have snaps, which I've learned the hard way are incredibly difficult to put on a wiggling baby that refuses to lay on a changing table. This diaper has super sticky Velcro, and it is so much easier to get on him! 

To make a long story short, we love this diaper. It fits Landon to a T. So I was happy to write GroVia and tell them how much I love this diaper. I really do believe it's the best out there. It most definitely is the best for us. I get excited every time this diaper comes out of the wash! 

I also told GroVia how much I love their Mighty Bubbles laundry treatment. 
There are a few diapers that would've been trash without this treatment. Peeyew! 

GroVia has quality products. End of story. So I told them, and you know what they did? They wrote me back! They asked me for my address so they could send me a little something. THAT is great customer service! 

What's even better? What they sent me! 

Yep, that there is a hand written letter, my friends. 
Those are their organic cotton soaker pads that snap into the diaper!!! I was just using a prefold or a bamboo insert before because the soaker pads are $20! They also sent a sample of their Magic Stick diaper creme which I love!! I love that I don't have to get my hands dirty. :) 

We now have the full hybrid package, thanks to the generous people at GroVia. Just because I told them I love their products. Because I genuinely do. They exemplify greatness in the quality of their products and the way their company treats it's customers. If you want to buy an awesome diaper for your little one and support an amazing company, buy GroVia. You won't be let down. They have gone above and beyond. 

There it is. The beloved organic, cotton soaker pad. Thanks, GroVia. You've made a believer out of me. :) 

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