Monday, May 5, 2014

Can't stop. Won't stop.

Sourdough cinnamon rolls. It's like a compulsion... I just keep making them. I honestly don't know why other than the look on people's faces when they eat them. There's something special about homemade, from scratch, anything. Especially when it's your  grandma's recipe. Yep, the recipe is actually for sourdough bread... I just add the butter, cinnamon and sugar for an extra special treat! Not to mention that the cream cheese frosting is to die for. 

I am honestly so burnt out on the rolls. To the point where I just eat the frosting off. Whoever thought to put butter, cream cheese AND sugar together was a genius... And probably one obese woman. Ha! But seriously. 

Anyway, I'll post the recipe soon. Keep an eye out for it. I'm going to talk about starters first, because you won't get anywhere with my favorite recipes without a good sourdough starter. Keep an eye out for that one too. 

Time to hang out with my boy! :) He's been playing so sweetly while mommy blogs. :) I love him.

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