Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kombucha: The Second Ferment

Good morning!
I told you to keep an eye out for the second part of my kombucha brewing. Here it is! 

Yesterday I took a taste of my kombucha. It was still sweet but definitely sour. It probably could've brewed a few more days, but I got really impatient and decided to go ahead, flavor it, and start the second ferment. 

I added blueberries, a couple chopped strawberries and a pomegranate. Then I drizzled them with honey before adding the kombucha. Yum!

I removed the scoby and put it in a glass bowl with a little over a cup of the kombucha. This thing is so weird. I showed Jay and he was totally grossed out. I love it! :) 

Then I poured the fermented tea in with the fruit. I still had a lot leftover after the first three jars, so I started experimenting with fruit combinations. I did it one jar at a time to make sure I had enough. You don't want to leave too much air in the jars because you want it to carbonate. 

From left to right, blueberry, blueberry/pomegranate, strawberry, lemon/strawberry, pomegranate, and cucumber. 

I love jars. I am so happy I found a good use for all of the jars I've been hanging on to for months! 

So now we continue to wait. Roughly three days, and my first batch will be DONE! 

Who wants to come sample it with me? :) 

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