Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our Merge Into Cloth Diapers

I have been dying to write this post for a few days now. Our merge into cloth diapering has begun, and Inam so excited! There's a lot more to cloth diapering that I originally thought. There are so many different types of diapers and even more brands to choose from! 

We picked up first five cloth diapers on Friday. Two of them are girly, pink stripes so we are passing those along to a friend. Technically, these are our first three diapers: 

These are Thirsties brand. I love them! It's kind of a funny story, but I was short for the third diaper. I had just been grocery shopping so I bartered some asparagus and an acorn squash to make up for it. 

I spent a lot of time last week on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, and the Facebook group "NoCo Cloth Diaper Fans." Not to mention researching and price checking on various cloth diapering sites. There's a lot of cloth diapering lingo that is foreign to me, and so it's been really confusing at times. What are snappis? What's the different between a pocket, all-in-one, prefold and flat diaper? DSQ? CPF? GMD? Yeah, no clue what they're talking about. 

I also didn't know that you needed a special pail, pail liners, and specific laundry detergent. Not to mention a special sprayer. 

I found a Dekor cloth diapering pail (normally around $50) for $15 on eBay. Brand new from a whole saler because the box is damaged. Score! I also am picking up a FREE diaper sprayer in the morning. I am pretty excited a about this because I just changed my first poopy cloth diaper. Needless to say, it took a lot of wipes and went straight to the washing machine! Yes, I am definitely excited to have a sprayer. :) now I just need a few pail liners and a wet bag. 

I went and picked up some detergent yesterday, so our three thirsties are CLEAN! I tried to air-dry them over night but they were still damp today so I threw them in the drier. Check out this adorable little fluffy-butt: 

Now we just have to get the rest of our diapers and we will be full time cloth diaperers! I am calling this phase a merge since we only have the three. Hopefully we are using our last bunch of disposable diapers. :) 

He is just so cute! If it weren't snowing outside, I'd let him run around in just a diaper all day! Cloth diapers are just so adorable!! Happy mama right here!! :) 

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