Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Lastest Venture: Kombucha

I am back from a wild week of sickness and taking care of the sick! My little family has been through the ringer, but we are finally well again and I am caught up enough on my duties to pause and write this! 

Exactly one week ago, I met up with Rebecca, the mom of one of my preschoolers from Young People's Learning Center! It was so fun to see him again, meet his new baby sister, and catch up with Rebecca. She sweetly gave me one of her kombucha scoby's (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Thus my adventure has begun. 

There's really not a whole lot to it (yet). I made a gallon of black tea, dissolved a cup of sugar into it and let it cool. Then I added the scoby and some of her kombucha liquid. Then I covered it with part of an old tshirt and a rubber band. Now I've just been waiting, and reading up on Pinterest about different benefits, recipes, and so on. 

Basically, kombucha is the bomb. Why did I wait so long to get into this? It's EASY-peasy and the health benefits just go on and on. It's a probiotic. It aids in digestion. It can help reduce stress and help you sleep! It's packed with vitamin C and B vitamins... Score! And it's also full of antioxidants. It can even help you lose weight. Need I say more? This stuff is amazing! 

This is what it looks like today. Sorry about the glare. It's formed a layer across the top of the jar. 

It reminds me of a jelly fish. I wish I would've known about this as a kid. Talk about an awesome, fun, and tasty science experiment!! 

So the wait continues for about 3-7 more days. Then phase two begins and I am planning on making apple-ginger kombucha. Seriously, how good does that sound? 

Thanks, Pinterest. :) and thanks, Rebecca for getting me started!! 

Keep your eye out for a follow up post when everything is complete! :) 

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